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The inaugural festival, MFest, will bring together Muslims and non-Muslims to celebrate the religion’s cultures, and explore contemporary Muslim thought through its heritage, politics, and communities. Set to run annually, it intends to provide a platform for emerging and established writers, performers and artists, as well as “encouraging challenging conversations” and presenting Muslim responses to contemporary issues.

The festival will run from 27th to 29th April at the British Library in central London, featuring almost 30 events including poetry readings, workshops, performances, discussions and after-parties.

The event is sponsored by the Aziz Foundation, an independent grant-making foundation supporting the most disadvantaged communities in Britain, and artificial intelligence company, DeepMind.

Tufyal Choudhury, director of MFest and a human rights academic, said: “We are delighted to launch a festival of books and ideas that recognises the diversity, differences and dynamics of Muslim cultures and lives. MFest challenges a fundamental feature of Islamophobia, which sees Islam and Muslims as a monolithic, static block.”

(Source: Islamosfera)