Версия для слабовидящих

Agency "Uzstandart" introduced the new state standard O'z DSt 3286: 2018 - "Halal" since February 1, 2018. The availability of certificate from the producer will indicate the absence of non-halal components in food products.

"Halal standards set requirements for the production, storage, transportation, sale and labeling of products according to the canons of Islam,"- Uzstandard informed.

It is expected that the introduction of new standards and certification for compliance will be an excellent opportunity to expand sales markets for domestic producers, and will also promote the development of the tourism industry, including for pilgrims.

The standard "Halal" refers to a series of international standards of the management system in the field of food safety ISO 22000. In the near future, certification bodies will receive guidance on the implementation of the certificate "Halal" and other standards ISO 22000.

(Source: Подробно.uz)