Версия для слабовидящих

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For the first time in Russia the International Halal Medical Forum will be held in the framework of the International Congress-Exhibition Russian Halal Expo-2018.

According to the Islamic concept of health - a gift from God, which he is obliged to protect and manage the best way.  "Halal" is a whole system of a healthy lifestyle. The particular attention is paid not only to the maintenance of person's physical condition, but also to intellectual, emotional and spiritual well-being, since physical health is inextricably linked with other aspects of life.

Recently, the popularity of non-traditional methods of treatment and prevention of various diseases is growing. The knowledge and experience of people, accumulated for thousands of years and carefully transferred from generation to generation, prove their effectiveness and uniqueness in our time. The main advantage of such a technique is the use of natural remedies that have a sparing effect on the work of the whole organism. Methods of treatment and prevention of diseases in Islam are based on such types of healing as hijama, apitherapy, phytotherapy, hirudotherapy and some others.

The International Halal Medical Forum aims to unite the Muslim medical community to promote a comprehensive development and promotion of halal medicine, professional growth of specialists, as well as to expand and strengthen the international cooperation, exchange of experience of new technologies in the non-traditional medicine sector.

Within the framework of the forum there will be held master classes, round tables and seminars, where leading experts and representatives of the Muslim community will discuss the most important issues and practical solutions on the most relevant topics of the forum.

The participants and guests of the exhibition will be able to get acquainted with the best producers of medical products "Halal", learn the latest innovations in the field of pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, cosmetology, and increase their awareness of the methods of halal medicine.

The International Congress-exhibition Russian Halal Expo-2018 will be held from 26 to 28 April in Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion № 5. The organizer of the event is "Shine of Orient Corporation" LLC, in co-organization with the International Center for Halal Standardization and Certification of Russia Muftis Council.

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The International Congress-Exhibition RussianHalalExpo-2018 will be held from 26 to 28 April 2018 in Moscow, Russia.

The main sections of the exhibition are Medicine and Pharmaceuticals, Tourism and Hospitality, Cosmetics and Perfumery, Education, Food, HoReCa, Investment Projects. 

In 2018 RussianHalalExpo will unite on one platform more than 100 companies from 15 countries, including from Russia, the EU, near and far abroad countries, such as Turkey, Pakistan, the UAE, Malaysia, Morocco, Indonesia, Thailand, Kazakhstan, etc. 

The main goal of the congress-exhibition is to promote the halal industry of confessional services and products as the basis for the formation of a healthy future generation of the country. The exhibition promotes a creation of favorable conditions for the economic activity and the establishment of business contacts between representatives of domestic and foreign business.

The key event within the framework of the business program will be the International Halal Congress, at which experts and business representatives will discuss the development of halal industry, international cooperation and innovation.

Also there will be a contest among producers "Best Halal Product of the Year", a festival of the muslim cuisine HalalFoodFest-2018.

For the first time in Russia there will be the International Halal Medical Forum, whose goal is to unite the Muslim medical community to promote the comprehensive development of healthcare, medical science and education in the halal sphere.

The organizers of the event are LLC "Shine of Orient Corporation" and the International Center for Halal Standardization and Certification of Russia muftis Council. The Congress-Exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Economic, Territorial Development and Trade of the Chechen Republic, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Chechen Republic, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, GULFTIC (the UAE), WorldHalalCouncil (the UAE), the Halal Standard Committee.

The organizers do not doubt that the congress-exhibition will bring huge benefits to the development of the halal industry and will become an effective platform for bringing together experts, key players and business communities of the global halal market.

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What is a happiness? And what is a life? Is it the best degree of Hell or the worst degree of Paradise? And what if this is the place where a person should reveal himself to himself, stumbling on happiness?!

These and other important questions from the life of a modern society will be given by Adam Musayev's seminar "Stumbling on Happiness". Training courses will help you to adjust the metabolism of your brain to the desire to live, to overcome stresses, fears and doubts, and, most importantly, to determine your happiness and understand what exactly makes us unhappy.

The seminar will include interactive games, trainings on how to behave in unusual and stressful situations, and a philologist, professor of the Moscow State University Marklen Konurbayev will read an informative lecture about his theory of a beautiful life.

In the final part of the event, a special guest - People's Artist of Russia, actor and TV presenter Vladimir Berezin will share with the seminar participants a recipe for his happiness.

Participants of the event are waiting for a coffee break and musical breaks in the performance of a bright and charismatic ASET - Aset Samrailova, a performer of author's music in Russian and English, in various musical styles: pop, R & B, soul, jazz, blues.