Версия для слабовидящих

What is a happiness? And what is a life? Is it the best degree of Hell or the worst degree of Paradise? And what if this is the place where a person should reveal himself to himself, stumbling on happiness?!

These and other important questions from the life of a modern society will be given by Adam Musayev's seminar "Stumbling on Happiness". Training courses will help you to adjust the metabolism of your brain to the desire to live, to overcome stresses, fears and doubts, and, most importantly, to determine your happiness and understand what exactly makes us unhappy.

The seminar will include interactive games, trainings on how to behave in unusual and stressful situations, and a philologist, professor of the Moscow State University Marklen Konurbayev will read an informative lecture about his theory of a beautiful life.

In the final part of the event, a special guest - People's Artist of Russia, actor and TV presenter Vladimir Berezin will share with the seminar participants a recipe for his happiness.

Participants of the event are waiting for a coffee break and musical breaks in the performance of a bright and charismatic ASET - Aset Samrailova, a performer of author's music in Russian and English, in various musical styles: pop, R & B, soul, jazz, blues.